Collection of online utilities and tools for developers

E.g. UUID Generator, Base64 Converter, Hex Converter etc.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Generate dummy text using industry standard Lorem Ipsum method.

Base64 to Image

Convert any Base64 String to its equivalent image.

Image to Base64

Convert any image to its equivalent Base64 String.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR code online using free QR code generator.

QR Code
SHA-512 Hash Generator

Convert text into a message digested SHA-512 hash.

SHA-265 Hash Generator

Convert text into a message digested SHA-256 hash.

SHA-1 Hash Generator

Convert text into a message digested SHA-1 hash.

MD5 Hash Generator

MD5 generator helps you encode passwords and other sensitive data.

Online Countdown Timer

Easy to use Online Countdown Timer for keeping you on time.

Countdown Timer
Online Stopwatch

Easy to use Online Stopwatch for tracking time.

What is my IP?

Find out IP address, city and locations of your device.

Base64 Decoder

Decode to plain text message from Base64 format.

Decode Base64
Base64 Encoder

Encode plain text message to Base64 format.

Encode Base64
Hex to RGB

Convert from Hex code to RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

Convert to RGB
RGB to Hex

Convert from RGB (Red, Green, Blue) to Hex code.

Convert to Hex
Date to Timestamp

Convert human-readable date to epoch.

Convert Date
Time Epoch Converter

Convert epoch time to a human-readable date and time.

Convert Epoch
URL Decoder

Decode from URL-encoded format to plain text.

Decode URL
URL Encoder

Encode to URL-encoded format from plain text.

Encode URL
UUID Generator

Generate version 4 UUID universally unique identifier.


DevToolKit is fouded by developers like you in order to unify all the daily use utilities and tools on a single platform. For our daily productivity needs, we were continuously using various utilities and online tools, and it was highly time consuming and challenging to keep track of all the resources that are available online. To save time and effort on repetitive online searches, we developed DevToolKit to assist the developer community in finding all necessary productivity tools and development utilities on a single website.

Our collection of online tools and utilities is always growing, and we continuously update our current tools and utilities. If you are looking for any specific tool that is not available in the list above, please fill out the form below with your suggestions. Our team will review and work on it and we will update you once we build it.

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